What does it mean to make a claim?

Model Lesson: Horris & Morris, but Mostly Delores

Going back into the text to support a claim.

Model Lesson: Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Students gather information/ evidence to support their claim about the best/ worst or other qualities of cookies in letters to the manufacturer.

Using MegaSkills students can read and write with purpose as they identify character traits in characters in both fiction and biography, and then back up their claims about these traits with evidence from the text.

Megaskills Biography Assignement

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Using keywords to summarize informational texts.
Developing a strong, reflective conclusion, based on evidence.

Perusasive Writing Prompts

Articles: students respond with their own claim and evidence
Wonders, Time for Kids, Scholastic...

Students can use these charts to revise the argument essay

Would You Rather... Quick and easy way to get students thinking about backing up their opinions with reasons or arguments

Position Paper / Quote Analysis